TENCO the company has specialized for over 20 years in the production of food dispensers and not, and equipment specifications for the dell ‘bottling the wine and oil industry, with an exclusive focus on the needs of oil mills, farms, wineries, liquor distilleries and distilleries , and the creation of a special pneumatic volumetric dosing, designed especially for all food companies, but very versatile, so it can also be used in the chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The company was founded in 1989 with the creation dell’imbottigliatrice Enolmatic, an innovative vacuum filling machine, small size and extreme ease of use, but with features and professional performance, essential for bottling wine, oil, liquid food products and not, in any type of container, the Enolmatic has enjoyed an immediate success thanks to its ease of use, its stability and security.

for packaging, capping and packaging in general, such as DOSAMATIC or DOSELITE, pneumatic volumetric dosing of high precision in the years following the Tenco company has expanded its product range by developing many other machines for bottling, and reliable of simple use to bottle suitable liquid or viscous products in glass or plastic containers. The DOSELITE dispenser is made of materials suitable for contact with food products but is also compatible with aggressive chemical substances, such as varnishes and solvents. To meet the many different needs, different models are available depending on the amount of product to be dosed.

In addition, these dispensers can be easily installed in automatic lines of existing bottling or new construction and can be combined with capping and labeling stations.

The TENCO also designs, builds and markets:
fillers and vacuum filters for wine, oil, spirits and other liquid products;
volumetric dispensers for sauces, creams, pat├ęs, cosmetics, detergents, herbal products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals;
Dosing for oil cans in tinplate and for liquid products, even foamy;
fillers for flexible bags type bag in box;
rinsing and blow molding machines for bottles and jars;
cappers for corks, crown and pressure, plastic and other materials;
capping machines for screw caps for wine, oil and liquors;
labeling machines for bottles and cylindrical and square jars;
systems of linear type and automatic monoblocks for filling, capping and labeling.

The experience gained, along with the reliability and the high quality standard of products, enables you to equip every system of characteristics suited to the user’s needs, providing customized equipment and then aimed at their specific needs.