Distribution nozzles and accessories for Doselite and Dosamatic

Tenco’s nozzles selection are completely manufactured in stainless steel and are available in different models and sizes depending on the kind of product to be filled and on the container internal diameter.

Several kind of special nozzles are available according to the product features: we can provide no-foam devices that can be particularly useful with certain kind of liquid products (detergents or cleanings) or no-drop accessories to be used in order to avoid product dripping (jams, sauces or creams even with solid pieces). Other devices are available to dose products like honey that tend to make a “string” at the end of the filling process.

Stainless steel connections for linking the various elements that make up the dosing system. Our fillers employ tri-clamp connections that make easy the cleaning and maintenance operations. The gasket and o-rings are available in different materials according to the product to be filled (alimentary, chemical, cosmetic or farmaceutical).