Automatic volumetric filling line

This automatic volumetric filling line is composed by a Dosamatic pneumatic volumetric filler that assures an accurate and constant output.

The dosing range is easily adjustable within 50 and 1.000 cc

The supply is both air compressed and 380 V three phase

The line can manage liquid or denses products such as creams, sauces and jams even with solid particles.

The operator places the containers to be filled directly on the conveyor belt toward the filling station. Once the container reaches the filling position, it is blocked by a pneumatic piston that is manually adjustable according to the containers size.

The filling station is equipped with a double pneumatic system that blocks the container in the proper position and prevent its movement. A single cam stop wouldn’t be enough to assure the correct blocking and centering of the different containers.

The filling is performed by a pneumatic volumetric filler Dosamatic with an output range adjustable within 50 and 1.000 cc that allows to fill containers with different capacities.

The product output is performed by a stainless steel nozzle equipped with a pneumatic obturator that avoid dripping or spillage during the containers movement.

Once the bottle/jar has been filled, the pneumatic system releases it and the conveyor belt carries it at the end of the line.

The line is equipped with an automatic washing cycle selectable through an electrical switch. During the washing cycle the containers movement is prevented and the dosing machine works automatically. Connecting a hose between the output nozzle and the suction, it is possible to wash automatically the circuit with a detergent.

The line is completely managed by a Panel Contro. On the control board we find the start, stop emergency and washing cycle buttons.

Main line features :

1500 mm conveyor belt adjustable for different containers

Dosamatic pneumatic volumetric dosing machine with a filling range from 50 to 1.000 cc

Control board and PLC