Pneumatic distribution valves for liquids

Valves and accessories for batching machines are supplied separately from the machine body in order to meet the needs of each individual user through tailor-made assemblies.

Different kind of valves are available depending on product density and type:

– valves for liquid products

– valves for thick products

– secondary no-drop valves, drip-catching systems.

All valves are fitted with tri-clamp connections, making them fully disassemble and easily removable.

Therefore they can be easily interchanged, in order to use the same machine for filling different products. They are also easy to clean and sanitize.


Pneumatic distribution valve for semi dense products to be coupled with our dosers for filling semi dense products such as syrups or olive oil. The valve is connected to the dosing machine with a clamp and related gasket that are included in the supply. The configuration has to be completed with a trame or a hose holder for the product feeding and with the container holding plate.