STARCAP Air operated corker and capper

Fully air-operated, innovative, patented corker and capper.

This is a solid, compact and easy to use machine for perfect corking and capping of:

CORK, agglomerated cork stoppers, synthetic caps with diameters up to25 mmand height up to45 mm

CROWN caps

PLASTIC snap-on caps

Corks are manually put into the cone. When both start-buttons are switched on, the cork is placed into the bottle by compression, ensuring cork integrity.

The special capping head design ensures perfect corking without damages to the cork surface.

This corker and capper is equipped with a condensation collection and dump unit, air pressure adjuster to regulate the pressure depending on the type of cork or cap employed.

The high quality of pneumatic components needs no lubrication.

click here for watching our STARCAP corker at work